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Comet Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning System

Zenith offers 2 different models of ultrasonic blind cleaning system.  Our COMET blind cleaner shown above is our top-of-the-line cleaning system, and is designed for high-volume mobile blind cleaning operations.  Our BASIC blind cleaner cleans blinds as well as the COMET, just a bit slower, and includes fewer features.

Both the COMET and the BASIC include 316L stainless steel tanks, heating systems to heat and maintain fluid temperatures, dual rinse processes, and ball valve drains.  Each system is turn-key and ready-to-use upon arrival.  Both system are dual-tank designs, including ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks.

The COMET is capable of cleaning, rinsing, and drying blinds in their closed position, with cords wrapped around the end, for unmatched blind cleaning speed.  The COMET includes removable ultrasonic packs to allow cleaning of items which would not fit in the blind cleaning tank.  This may become especially important if you intend to enter the fire restoration business, a profitable sideline business.

For those individuals wishing to undertake a high-volume blind cleaning business to possible clean a hundred blinds each day, the COMET should be your system of choice.  If you wish to add blind cleaning to an existing business, or do not expect to clean huge volumes of blinds, the BASIC would be your best option.

Both systems are very easy to operate; simply place the blind in the ultrasonic cleaning tank and allow to rest for 20 seconds.  Agitate and rotate the blind, and allow to rest for an additional 20 seconds.  Then remove, inspect, and move blind to the Rinse Tank.  Rinse using submersion (BASIC) or spray rinse (COMET) then dry before re-hanging.  The COMET includes a drying method that can dry a blind in under 1 minute, ready to re-hang after a 5 minute rest period.  This same drying method can be added to the BASIC if preferred.

Several options, such as foot-pedal controllers, ultrasonic timers, covers, baffles to allow transportation when tank is filled with liquid, and others are available to enhance system functionality.  Remember, Zenith MANUFACTURES these system.  As such, virtually ANY change is possible.

For more information, contact Zenith Ultrasonics immediately.

Key Benefits

bulletCOMET Cleans blinds in a closed position, saving hours of time each day.
bulletMore power than any competitive ultrasonic system
bulletSpray ANY submersion rinse methods included at no charge.
bulletDrying system included at no charge
bulletGuaranteed to be less costly than any competitive system.



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