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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners

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Ultrasonic blind cleaning systems and fire restoration cleaners have been manufactured by Zenith Ultrasonics since 1976, significantly longer than any competitive seller of ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment.  In fact, many sellers of such equipment have purchased a system from Zenith in the past.  This experience has provided Zenith's engineers with the information required to design the perfect blind cleaning system, the COMET, a revolution in window coverings cleaning, which has the capability to clean, rinse, and dry a venetian blind in 3 minutes or less, with the blind in a closed position, cord wrapped around the end of the blind.  This is performance that is not available elsewhere, for any price.  The COMET includes patented multiple frequency ultrasonic technology known as CROSSFIRE, and features available only at Zenith Ultrasonics to produce a window coverings cleaning system like no other.

Our Mission

To manufacture the world's most advanced ultrasonic systems, providing our customers with a several equipment options to suit every budget, and expected cleaning volume.  As a manufacturer of ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment, any option or feature can be added to our systems to enhance their capabilities, or customize the system to suit your every desire.

Company Profile

Zenith Ultrasonics has been in business for over 65 years, and is an OEM manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, cleaning fluids, and non-ultrasonic parts washers for industrial, and commercial purposes. We are the only firm selling mini blind cleaners that actually manufactures the equipment, rather than purchasing the ultrasonic components, and tanks, then assembling the components.  As such, our equipment tends to cost thousands less than competitive cleaning equipment, since the middleman has been eliminated, yet our systems include so much more. 

Zenith was the first company in the USA to manufacture a blind cleaning system on mass scale.  Our mini blind cleaning systems have been sold to hundreds of entrepreneurs, hospitals, schools, and other firms which require equipment to clean venetian blinds and other window coverings.  Systems are designed with exclusive common-sense features to enhance the cleaning operation, features that are only available at Zenith Ultrasonics Inc. 

Contact Information

If you are interested in ultrasonic blind cleaning systems, contact Zenith Ultrasonics immediately for a price sheet, and other specifications on our line of cleaning systems which are not included on this web site.  You will find our cleaning equipment to be obviously superior to competitive ultrasonic blind cleaning equipment, with prices that can not be matched by anyone.


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